Android: PowerAmps on offer this weekend only!

If you are among those, among other things, like to hear music with their smartphone you should not miss this opportunity. PowerAmp, one of the best players in the movement of Android, is in special offer only for this weekend in price more than halved, making himself available for purchase only 1,51 €. For those not familiar, PowerAmp is a fantastic music player, equipped with several functions more than the player base and especially with a graphical interface clean and functional.

The team responsible for this software is not new to these initiatives, to celebrate the success of his own creature. For the launch of version 2.x, in fact, was also organized a twitter contest. These words of the programmers on the pages of market Android:

Rarely do we get users that make us so proud of what we’ve created. We have received ratings that have constantly staid above the 4.5 mark even after 100,000+ rating on top of that, we have received over 15,000,000 downloads. As thank you, we are doing a 48 hour application sale for $1.99. So if you love our player and want to get it for a bargain price (only time you’ll get this chance this year), here you go guys. Thanks for using our player!

For myself I have already done the purchase, PowerAmp has quickly become one of my favorite applications on Android, being a great listener of music, especially in the evening.

As regards the installation of the software, If you are interested in buying, as the first thing to do is to download the version TRIAL and then the relative UNLOCKER which will remove the limitations of the trial. I remind you again, finally, that the offer will be limited for this weekend.

Good listening to all!

Discharge PowerAmp Trial

Discharge PowerAmp Unlocker

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